Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

Top 10 Web hosting Company in Pakistan

The concept and ideas of Digitization in Pakistan is expanding faster. Now it has become a center for IT facilities, Software Companies, and eCommerce enterprises. For the purpose of more selling and purchasing, the traditional businesses are trying to digitalize and want to advance their businesses. However, new digital businesses use advanced tools and techniques to approach their customers. In this context, identifying the best Web hosting provider becomes crucial for building effective websites.

Through Web hosting you can attain your goals. Website hosting is the key element of the digital world. For promoting, reputation your website and want to provide best online services to the customer you need the best web hosting. We show you the list of 10 Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan.  

List of Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

1. Hostinger 

It is the most popular Web hosting in Pakistan. Over 20,000 reviews have been done on it which gives the Trustpilot rate of 4.6. It may not be effective to purchase a domain from an international Web hosting company because Pakistani banks impose significant fees on foreign payments. Paying using Pakistani rupees (PKR) is now possible with Hostinger which is the pulse point of Hostinger over others. In this way you can achieve international services in an easy way. So come fast on this Website and get more benefits from it.

They are presently giving hosting for 78% less!

2. Namecheap

Namecheap Web hosting company is among the top 10 Web hosting Companies in Pakistan. This Web hosting company is also cheaper than the other but it is less secure and has less performance than the other. It does not take payment in PKR which is the limitation of this Web host. Following are the domain hosting plans of it.

nowadays , Reseller hosting is a famous business which entails purchasing hosting from a business and reselling to your own clients. 

3. Tezhost 

Tezhost Web hosting is developed very fast in a short time and it is introduced in Islamabad. This company gained customers from a variety of industries as it has the best performance and speed. Bloggers, professionals, small enterprises, agencies, and corporate entities are all included. Due to the company’s exceptional client satisfaction, it has grown to include the UK, UAE, USA, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and India. Starting at just Rs. 104 per month, basic hosting is available.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost provides support for both novice and experienced website owners. It offers a large selection of hosting options to meet all needs. 

Why Use Bluehost? With so many unique features, it is undoubtedly among the best hosting providers in Pakistan and the world. Its sophisticated Content Delivery Network (CDN), Cloudflare, is what we truly adore about it. It speeds up loading times and significantly improves the functionality of your website. Enhancing the online visibility of your design website requires both. 

5. Hostbreak

In 2001 not many people were aware of the significance and goal of web hosting industries in Pakistan, Hostbreak was developed that time. From different fields including law firms,hospitals, accountants, non-governmental organizations, agencies, and small businesses thousands of customers perform duties for it. It gives preference to quality not to quantity. For Various types of business it has different plans. You can progress from shared hosting to dedicated servers and sophisticated solutions. Starting at just Rs. 125 a month, the hosting plan is available.

6. WebSouls

With a strong commitment to maintaining its position as the best web hosting provider in Pakistan, WebSouls is run by knowledgeable IT specialists. The business is committed to providing services of the highest caliber, paying particular attention to hosting speed, uptime, security, performance, and support. The organization takes great pride in its wealth of digital and IT solutions. It helps young, aspiring businesspeople and entrepreneurs establish a solid online presence with dependable, fast hosting. With cutting-edge solutions including web and eCommerce development services, it offers assistance to customers. Additionally, the hosting packages are reasonably priced for small and medium-sized enterprises. The monthly cost is Rs. 360 at first. 

7. MWHoster

MWHoster is the best option if you require unmatched web domain and hosting services. The corporation has created several hosting plans based on the types and sizes of enterprises.  Various hosting plans have been established by the organization based on the type and size of enterprises. In order to provide a proper plan, their specialist engages with your focal point to comprehend the objectives of your business website. By offering a seven-day trial period, the organization advances in terms of client happiness. Once you’re pleased, you may sign up for a hosting plan or use the services for free for a week. The monthly cost of their plans begins at Rs. 107.

8. InhostPk

With a variety of options, InhostPk is committed to providing excellent web hosting services. It has customized numerous strategies that are appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses In terms of shared and dedicated hosting services, the company is well-known. You can get an entire server if you want a website packed with various media and content. In order to assist you in choosing an appropriate one, specific listings for business hosting are also drawn. The monthly cost of the basic plan is Rs. 208.


Since its inception, WebHoster soon became the talk of the town for its exceptional services. Getting premium quality services from the best website hosting services in Pakistan is often expensive, that’s why WebHoster came with affordable yet reliable services. It has filled the gap with unprecedented services at low prices. The company has earned a portfolio of loyal clients from Pakistan, UAE, and Thailand and it is expanding to other regions as well. Their web hosting starts at Rs. 237 per month.

10. HosterPk

One of the few hosting providers in Pakistan, HosterPK is committed to providing amazing services rather than just making money without adding value. The business listens intently to the client’s needs in order to recommend a practical solution. Customers with sophisticated requirements can obtain dedicated servers or customized plans, even if there are a variety of ready-to-take hosting plans available. Your monthly expense for their shared hosting might be Rs. 250.


The foundation of an internet business is web hosting. The hosting server powers any kind of website, even one that is simple and static or an online store. If you want to host your website on quick, inexpensive, and safe servers, you must use the services of reputable hosting providers in Pakistan.


1. Which is the best web hosting in Pakistan?

Answer. Hostinger is the best Web hosting.

2. Which is the cheapest Web hosting provider in Pakistan?

Answer. Namecheaper is the best Web hosting.

3. Which is the lowest Website hosting service in Pakistan?

Answer. Tezhost is the best Website hosting service in terms of cost.

4. Which Web hosting company does not take payment in PKR?

Answer. Namecheap Website hosting does not take payment in PKR.

5. Which Website hosting industry has a lot of standout features?

Answer. Bluehost Website hosting has many standout features.